Shaping bright young South Africans into confident heart-workers.



Ignite the heart beat of your company, by giving heart and hope to the youth of South Africa.

We create a new empowered talent source for the future of GBS that not only ensures its sustainability but enhances its relevance in the rapidly evolving digital GBS sector.

Working closely with our Partners allows us to create an opportunity of supply and demand that benefits both the Partner’s workforce and potential employees. As we provide your business with suitably skilled professionals, you create employment opportunities for the hopeful youth of South Africa.


Building brighter futures with heart.

Sustainability of cost through first-time career creation:

Entry level candidate salary for 6 months vs traditional source market salary.  This initiative thus opens up new resource pools for partners. 

High calibre candidate assurance:

Assessments are conducted on all candidates prior to selection into the Shadow Careers programme in addition to standard checks.

Positive CSI investment:

Through our partnership on this programme we will be collectively making a difference in increasing employment of South Africa’s unemployed youth, especially school leavers, where unemployment rates are in excess of 59%.

Human centric:

Our programme focusses on bringing the heart back into human contact.  Empathy and emotional intelligence are core components which will differentiate the experience they will provide when assisting customers.

With an implementation philosophy based on partnering, our experience has shown substantial improvements in the below outcomes.

Higher retention rates:

Increased staff retention due to quality of life improvement and loyalty to these employers for investing in their communities.

Faster speed to competence:

In comparison to people who have not worked in contact centres before.


Improved sickness, absence and lateness leading to increased productivity:

Conceivable reduction in sickness and absence due to improved quality of life for people.

A core component of  successful GBS delivery in South Africa is an increase in retention, productivity and speed to competence (STC) rates.  The values and behaviours that are instilled in our candidates combined with the post placement support and leadership culture cultivation will deliver these outcomes as compared to traditional source market recruitment.

Our programme will ensure a faster STC compared to candidates that have not had GBS experience before and who have not been through the Shadow programme.

A key component to realising this is partnering with purpose to achieve these outcomes.

The success of the careers once created  is reliant on the heart effort gifted by our placement partner alongside the Shadowship promise of our Shadow candidates.


By partnering with the businesses who permanently employ our Shadows we maximise the benefits that the Shadow program delivers. Our experience shows that by creating the necessary support and understanding to facilitate this transition it will increase retention and help to achieve a sustainable recruitment strategy. Shadow Careers can suggest a partnership approach to achieving this, it is custom made to support your business. This involves collaborating across the various stages of the journey, from the Shadow recruitment stage all the way through to the live operational environment, as outlined below:


Shadow recruitment – involves our partner’s recruitment criteria, excluding prior work experience, as these young people have never been employed before

Shadow Program – Shadow schedules planned time within the 3 month program to cater for the Shadow Candidates to spend at the partner’s facility. This can be 3 to 5 days spread out over the course of the program. It can also include training at the Shadow training facility provided by the partner’s trainers

Transition to Permanent Careers  – By meeting our partner’s recruitment criteria we create permanent employment for our Shadows

Coach the Leaders – creating an aligned and engaged onboarding and operational environment to facilitate never been employed before youth

Partner Induction – review induction program to facilitate support and inclusion for never been employed before youth

Transition into live operation – enhance environment to facilitate support and inclusion for never been employed before youth

Retention & Performance – by refining these stages of the career journey retention is improved. People feel valued and supported and are more likely to stay and perform well

Communication to Partner’s people – communicating why the Shadow program has been included in the recruitment strategy is an important message for the business. It creates understanding and inclusivity and ensures that the new recruits become fully supported members of the partner family


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Vision without the pulse of an action is merely a dream. Vision with action can transform the world. Noel has an unspoken intuition for bringing the right hearted people together. Shadow Careers needs a beating heart to grow and connect the dots.

Noel’s heart lies in developing and leading organisations and its people to achieve their fullest potential, in a manner that creates harmony in value throughout the entire eco-system it finds itself in. A deeply purpose-led human, Noel qualified as a CA (SA) in 2003 through Deloitte, completing secondments for Deloitte in Australia and the United States. Noel was the Managing Director of Capita South Africa, having previously occupied the Finance Director position for three years. Noel was recognised by the industry body, BPeSA, as CEO of the year in 2019 and for creating the most jobs in the sector. Under his leadership, Capita South Africa was the fastest growing GBS company in South Africa for 2018 and 2019; under his tenure, the UK’s most recognised and trusted brands chose Capita South Africa to manage significant portions of their customer base. Noel was the Financial Controller of VISA’s mobile money acquisition in South Africa, Fundamo. He also headed up the finance function for a NASDAQ-listed ERP Company, QAD Inc. in South Africa and has worked in the HIV/AIDS research industry at the Kwa-Zulu Natal University Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine. Funds under his care were WHO, John Hopkins, PEPFAR and AACTG, amongst others.



John is the voice of Shadow. His ability to connect with people from all walks of life is what makes him respected and loved. John finds magic in the little things that in turn become the essence of the bigger picture.

John is a graduate in Human Environmental Sciences 2013 from the University of Alabama (USA) honours roll and holds an associate degree in International Business. A South African representative swimmer, John was a two-time KZN swimming captain, as well as captain at Alabama University. He is the director and co-founder of M&B Events, and has a philanthropic philosophy with a deep desire to help others. As the voice of Shadow Careers, John heads up the forefront of Shadow Career’s online presence, including on and offline marketing, social media and website management. 


Edwin is our Mentor. He is someone who teaches you to discover the hope inside yourself. Edwin is the representation of what a positive Shadow should aspire to be.

Edwin is a leadership altruist with a heart for empowering youth and children towards a future filled with possibilities. With a BComm, post graduate BPhil, ACC, PRINCE2 certified Project Manager and ICF Certified Leadership Coach qualification, Edwin has extensive experience in Organisational Development and Transformational Leadership. He is the former Regional Head of Operations (Eastern Europe, Middle-East and Africa) for BPO (Strategic Above-Market Procurement) servicing BAT and AB-InBev and has managed and led culturally diverse and geographically dispersed teams in both Moscow and Cape Town. He also has practical, in-country experience delivering projects in Kenya, Nigeria, Turkey, Seychelles, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Dubai, Zimbabwe and the UK. Edwin is the founder of The Greenchild Project – an accredited, certified private training academy focused on tertiary education and employment for Persons Living with Disabilities, as well as the founder of The Greenchild Foundation, an NPC aimed at enabling entrepreneurial, leadership and other interventions for previously disadvantaged children in the Western Cape.


Adjoa’s incredible energy introduces her before she even speaks. Adjoa is fearless, independent and positively infectious and that is why we refer to her as the our spirit of Shadow.

Adjoa is passionate about making a difference in South Africa and the African continent. A hands-on CFO and Qualified Chartered Accountant for over 14 years, Adjoa gained GBS experience as Finance Director at Capita SA, and was the CFO and an Executive Board member for the Sub-Saharan operations of NEC, a listed Japanese Tech Company. Here, she led the shared services function (Finance, IT, Legal, HR and back office admin) in four African countries. Adjoa is a member of IFRS professional practice group at EY, and has handled facilitation and product development within a training company. She worked at PwC within the Capital Markets Group, where she did IFRS accounting advisory work and completed her four articles. Adjoa has worked extensively throughout the rest of Africa, engaging with customers at an executive level. A non-executive director on the Board of the Democracy Works Foundation. Adjoa completed her MBA at Henley Business School. Her dissertation topic researched organisational values as she is passionate about assisting individuals, corporates and governments succeed and to make a real difference as they daily live by their values. Adjoa is a Financial Executive at Altron Bytes Managed Solutions.


Franco is the heart of Shadow. Franco’s compassion and dedication shines through every project he acquires. His ability to make everybody feel like a somebody is what makes him so loved and easy to work with. 

A few years after qualifying as a lawyer in 1986, Franco set up roots in the UK for a burgeoning spin-off of the South African business, BGL. In 2003, the company looked to offshore part of its UK business processes and became the first UK Contact Centre to set up in Cape Town, South Africa. Growing homesick during commutes, Franco returned to South African shores and set up his own business, Full Circle in 2007. With a long-standing vision to help alleviate unemployment levels in South Africa, Franco used this platform to position South Africa as the offshore destination for quality English speaking voice. Here, he indirectly assisted in creating thousands of jobs in the GBS sector. In 2012, Capita UK acquired Full Circle and Capita South Africa was established, with Franco heading up the business as MD until April 2018. In this time, Capita SA became one of the country’s leading GBS providers and a multi-award-winning company recognised for its role in job creation. Franco was equally recognised at the industry awards for job creation in 2019, the verbatim being: In recognition of over 15 years of commitment to the GBS sector in South Africa and for being one of the early pioneers, creating the first GBS jobs in Cape Town. His many years of service on the BPESA board have helped shape the industry and contributed to the creation of over 30,000 GBS jobs. In 2020 Franco created Shadow Careers. Dedicated to creating careers for young unemployed South Africans, Shadow Careers develops experience that sustainably equips youth for human-centric careers in the GBS sector.